Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Robert Moses Playground

Robert Moses Playground is lacking in the "playground" department.  Only a road away from the East River, the location is great but the equipment is lacking.  We schlepped over from 42nd st, scooters, backpacks, sun hats and all, only to find an empty hockey court (is it a rink if it's pavement?).  Upon further inspection we found a fairly clean bathroom and an empty basketball court but for my two monkey bar addicts there was "nothing here."  There are two things to do in this situation: invent a game to play or hop to the next park.  The girls and I decided to play "line tag," a game where you must stay on the painted lines of the basketball court and move as quickly as you can away from whomever is "it."  We also came prepared with sidewalk chalk so we drew our own hopscotch and spent a good amount of time perfecting our in-park hopping skills.  The moral of the Robert Moses Playground is that although a seemingly empty space can look oh-so-boring at first glance, take a second look and you might find yourself inventing all new ways to play. 

• East River/U.N View

• No Jungle Gyms

What It's Got
• Basketball Court • Handball Court • Hockey Court • Bathrooms • Dog Park

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
40% Shaded


Ratings: (out of 5)


"There's nothing here!"