Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Playground

The Hell's Kitchen Playground is the perfect example as to why the girls and I park hop: to find gems.  The Hell's Kitchen Playground is a playground gem.  My only regret is my lack of pictures.  I don't know where the rest went, and I'm sorry that I can only show you a miniscule portion of this awesome place.  The space is divided into three sections; the big jungle gym, the center common space, and the tot's section.  The center space draws a lot of non-kid adults, but these people are neighborhood locals reading the paper or listening to the radio.  There are several signs posted near the jungle gyms asking for adults without children to stay out of the play area and for the most part people comply.  The big kid's jungle gym is an awesome combination of small monkey bars (for Annie-sized kids) and large monkey bars (for Lexi-sized kids).  With ladders attached to most of the climbing equipment your children can reach without you having to squat and lift every few minutes.  Even though the sky was threatening to dump rain on us at any moment the playground was still bustling with people/kids.  I can't tell you enough how great this playground is for all ages.  If you find yourself in Hell's Kitchen, this is the place to visit.  

• Awesome Monkey Bars (Various Levels) • Kid's Picnic Tables

• Non-Kid Adults

What It's Got
• Chess Tables • Kid-Sized Picnic Tables • Sprinklers • Handball/Basketball Courts • 2 Jungle Gyms (Tots separate) • 2 Slides • 2 Baby Swings • 3 Swings • 1 Handicap Swing • 2 Chain Ladders • Monkey Bars (Low, With Ladder) • Low Gymnast Rings • High Gymnast Rings (With Ladder) • Swinging Balance Beam • Rickety Balance Beam • Working Water Fountain (With Kid Step) • Hard-Rubber Tile/Pavement

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
• 1 Entrance • 60% Shaded • Plenty of Benches • Non-Kid Adults (Posted Signs Encouraging Adults Without Children to Stay Toward the Middle)


Ratings: (Out of 5)


"I can't believe I could make it across those monkey bars!  They are so tall!"

Annie:  X28
"I was doin the monkey bars all by myself! Can we come back here tomorrow?"


  1. The space is divided into three sections; the big jungle gym, the center common space,

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