Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tudor Grove Playground

The trick to avoiding the stairs of Tudor Grove Playground is to enter from 41st st, make a left onto Tudor City Pl, and the entrance will be right after the garden.  Once we entered the park and plopped our belongings on a bench we got to work.  In this playground's case, work didn't take long.  With only one tot-sized jungle gym Lexi quickly deemed this playground "for little kids."  I convinced her to stay a little longer with a game of hide and seek (or as Annie likes to say "hide and sneak!"). The plethora of shade and the pleasant quietness of the park is something to appreciate.  However, if you have big kids you'll find yourself struggling to keep them entertained.

• All Shaded

• Tots Only

What It's Got
• 1 Jungle Gym (Tots) • Tic Tac Toe • 2 Slides • Chain Climbing Fence • Hard-Rubber Tile/Pavement • Trashcans

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
• 1 Entrance (Accesible from Tudor Place or from 42nd st Stairs) • Benches All Around • No Blindspots

Grand Central Station (Great Food Court) • U.N • East River

Ratings: (out of 5)


"It's nice and shady but this is for little kids. Like Annie."

Annie:  X18 
"I like playing hide and sneak behind the trees!"

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