Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mary O'Connor Playground

Mary O'Connor Playground was hard to find.  The girls and I walked down 42nd st toward First Avenue and almost bumped into the U.N before noticing the set of stairs leading up to the playground.  "I think that's it." Lexi said, pointing up.  "Up there?" was Annie's doubtful response.  She eyed the set of steps like most four-year olds: with the contempt of someone who not too long ago would be whisked up and carried to the top without taking a step.  "My legs hurt already!" she famously added.  I grabbed the scooters and gave the old heave-ho and together we climbed the steps.  We were greeted by a playground surrounded by buildings and trees, a shady oasis on a hot summer day.  The jungle gym was large, the play space was not.  Lexi couldn't reach the monkey bars or gymnast rings, not even if she tried shimmying up the pole, so we mostly spent our time on the swings.  After awhile a group of preschoolers came and clogged the entire area.  The girls grew bored quickly and soon Lexi asked "Are you ready to keep hopping?"

• All Shaded

• Stairway Entrance • Lots of Preschool Kids

What It's Got
• 2 Swings (Separate Area) • 1 Jungle Gym • Gymnast Rings (Very High) • Monkey Bars (Very High) • "Telephone" Speakers • Rickety Bridge • 1 Slide • Trashcans • Hard-Rubber Tile/Pavement

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
• Stairway Entrance • 1 Entrance • Benches All Around • All Shaded

Grand Central Station (Great Food Court) • U.N • East River

Ratings: (Out of 5)


"I wish the monkey bars were lower but I like how it's very shady here."

Annie:  X 18
"I like talkin in those speaking things."


  1. After awhile a crowd of preschoolers came and stopped the entire area,yes definitely so boring part,

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