Thursday, August 11, 2011

110th st and Cathedral Parkway (Central Park)

I really want to say I like this park.  Dawned with all the latest equipment and tucked in the Northwest corner of Central Park, this playground should be in the running for a high rating. Ironically surrounded by the lush greenery, this park has NO shade. The metal and plastic equipment heats up to untouchable temperatures and the girls and I quickly become cranky as the sun beats on our heads.  Of course the girls never admit they are sun-cranky as they enjoy balancing on the rotating wheel or climbing through the spider web to eat their snacks on the suspended hammock.  But I know better than to let kids cook too long in the sun.  Also, my sister lives close by and has heard of a few theft incidents at the playground so make sure to watch your stuff.  On the plus side, you’re very close to the North Woods (a great place to explore nature) and Lasker Pool (a public pool in the summer with free lunches for kids  under 18 and a skating rink in the winter). 

Hammocks • Mini Rockwall

 No Shade • No Trashcans

What It’s Got
Tire Swing • Rope Spider Web (With Hammocks) • 2 Spinney Poles • 1 Rotating Wheel • Shower Sprinklers • Sandbox • Mini Rockwall • 2 Small Slides • 4 Baby Swings • 1 Handicap Swing • 1 Mini Web With Fort Top • Mini Spinning Saucer  • Soft Rubber and Pavement • Working Water Fountain

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
1 Entrance • Trashcans Outside Fence • Plenty of Benches • No Shade

 Subway • Lasker Pool • Bathroom- The Charles A. Dana Discovery Center is the cottage-like building 5 minutes East of the park.  The bathrooms are not the cleanest, but any bathroom is better than no bathroom.

Ratings: (Out of 5)


"I like relaxing on the hammocks."

Annie:  X 18

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  1. Ironically surrounded by the lush greenery, this park has NO shade.