Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Courtney Callender Playground

Playgrounds like Courtney Callendar are the reason the girls and I love park hopping so much.  We’re walking down the street, trying to spot the next set of monkey bars when bam!, an awesome playground comes out of nowhere.  Courtney Callendar has all the classics plus some awesome new features.  The first thing the girls and I noticed were the mini picnic tables.  Kids love anything built for their size, and something as simple as a table is no exception.  Next, the sprinkler shoots out water at least 10 feet in the air and onto a hand-painted map of the world.  The girls and I had a blast “traveling the world” through the “thunderstorm.”  I shouted out a continent and the girls would have to run to it, tons of fun.  The jungle gym itself is also worth mentioning.  Equipped with the “running ramps” I love, it also has a wide open gazebo area and a reverse-rockwall.  Overall, this playground is cheerful, pleasant, and really fun!!
• Mini Picnic Tables! • Gigantic Sprinkler

Multiple Entrances

What It’s Got
 4 Swings • 2 Baby Swings • Chess Tables • Mini Picnic Tables • 3 Slides • Big Jungle Gym (with a long ramp) • Climbing Wall • Gymnast Rings (easy to grab from the climbing wall) • Tic-Tac-Toe • Awesome Sprinklers (with globe ground) • Basketball • Handball • Trashcans • Hard-Rubber Tile/Pavement

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
2 Entrances • Benches along edges

Bathrooms across the stree at P.S 133 (also they serve free lunches for kids under 18 during the summer)

Ratings: (Out of 5)


"I really like that kid's table. And the climbing wall."

Annie:  X 28
"I'm going to Antafrica!"

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