Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Central Park-Lennox & 110th st

So this will be the first of many Central Park playground posts.  In case you are from Outer Space, Central Park is the gigantic, rectangular-shaped park smack dab in the middle of Manhattan.  Stretching from 60th to 110th st Central Park is a playground in itself.  Whether you're climbing the giant boulders, finding the biggest pine comb, or skipping stones on one of the various lakes, Central Park is the park of all trades. There are 21 playgrounds in Central Park and the girls and I are excited to visit every single one (well, the ones we haven't visited yet).

And please bear (I had to google bare or bear) with me.  I'm new at this whole reviewing playground thing. I'll get better.  I have roughly 207 entries to practice.


-The first thing Annie (the almost 4 year old) noticed upon entering the park was the tire swings.  4 to be exact.  Annie is a sucker for any type of swings. You can push her 'till your arms get sore and she'll still want you to keep going.

-I noticed the trees both in and around the park.  Trees = Shade.  Shade = not a happy nanny.  When a playground is left to bake in the hot sun my sunblock-less neck isn't the only thing suffering.  Slides become roaster pans and jungle gyms feel like easy bake ovens.  Shade earns a lot of points for a playground, at least in my book.
-This playground has a plethora of pull-up bars in various sizes, good for almost-walkers, the toddler climbers, and the upside down kids. There are also the classic monkey bars snaking through a few places in the park.
-The majority of this playground is staggered wooden blocks.  These are also good for all ages of climbing or playing king of the castle, but I can't help but feel a little nervous when the girls scamper to the top.  As much as I love all wooden playgrounds, the thought of the girls falling and hitting every hard block on the way down makes me love it a little less.  Although you should know this has never happen (knock on wood, pun not intended).
-One of the coolest parts of the park is the fort.  Large enough for a ladder and a firepole, this fenced-in, elevated platform is the perfect place to spy for ducks in the near by pond, eat a sneaky snack, or play house.
-Lexi (the almost 7 year old) loved the balance beam. Wooden and wide, the beam is bravely crossed by most ages.
- NON-Working water fountain (I called 311)
- Shower sprinkler
-The closest bathroom is in sight.  The Charles A. Dana Discovery Center is the cottage-like building East of the park.  The bathrooms are not the cleanest, but any bathroom is better than no bathroom (I'll dedicate a post to that line of thought later).
-Lastly, location location location.  Sitting in the center and on the top of Central Park, this playground is right by to two subway stops, across the street from deli, next to the Harlem Meer (Dutch for "lake"), and in sight of the Lasker Pool (the public pool in Central Park).  Later, if I get the chance to talk about the Lasker Pool, I'll tell you all about it.  The girl's and I have have been "members" (it's free) for three summers.
-The ground is pavement in someplace and rubber in others (underneath the jungle gyms).
- The playground is a little unkept.  I saw a few too many old wrappers for my liking, but that's about as dirty as it gets.

Ratings: (out of 5 playgrounds)




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