Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teardrop Park

Park Place West (Between River Terrace and North End)

I first heard of Teardrop park from my mom-friend, Caroline.  She told me there was a slide in Manhattan that shoots kids out like bullets, faster than all the others.  Behold, the girls and I found it.  The playground in Teardrop park is unfenced and in the middle of a grassy field, a rock waterfall, and two tall buildings.  There is no clear "Playground" sign and this is just one of the reasons why this park feels "secret." For the record, when wet, the slide really does shoots kids out like bullets.  Out of the three of us, only Lexi was brave enough to go down.  Watching her fly down the slide, into the sandpit, and land mere feet from a giant boulder sent my nerves on end.  I felt calmer after the second and then the third, once I knew she was nowhere near harms way.  I must stress that she is almost seven and a gymnast and ballerina, so please stand in the catcher's stance while your kids are going down the Teardrop slide.  From the picture you can clearly see how small an adult looks next to the slide, this thing is huge!  Also, the rock cove on the second level is a great water park for youngsters and bigger kids alike.  Don't forget to bring a bucket or use an old tupperware/water bottle.

 Gigantic Slide • "Secret" feel

Blindspots • Multiple Entrances

What It's Got
• Gigantic Slide • Sandpit • Rock Cove (with Sprinklers) • Boulders • Trashcans • Water Fountain (Says delayed reaction, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work)

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
No clear entrance/exit, but secluded • 2 Levels with lookout spot to see lower level • All Shaded • The slide goes fast!


  1. I can see how Lexi would fly off that slide... IT'S HUGE!!! Can't wait to join you ladies for another great park adventure! xoxo, Caroline

  2. It's true that slide sent my nerves on edge! Many kids almost collided with the boulder! Great park....but a trek for me being on the UES!

  3. you forgot the secret second sandpit for little kids!