Saturday, July 9, 2011

Safari Playground

92nd st and Central Park West

For the kids:
-2 platform tree houses
-a boat (sunken in the ground)
-giant sprinkler shower
-working fountain

For me:
-view of the Reservoir
-2 picnic tables
-benches around half of the park
-no blindspots, mostly open space
-1/2 shaded
-trashcans outside of the playground
-closest bathrooms are in the tennis court building, a ten minute walk NorthWest
-pavement and rubber ground

My favorite part of the Safari Playground is the location.  Set atop a hill in Central Park, this very open playground has a feeling of seclusion. With almost no ogling tourists lining the outer-fence.  My second favorite part of this playground is the space.  With only three clusters of equipment (the two tree houses and the boat) the kids of plenty of space to run, kick a soccer ball, or draw a huge dinosaur in chalk. Also, the lack of equipment leaves kids to use their brains to have fun.  The girls and I sat in the boat and pretended to paddle down the Amazon River.  Suddenly we were surrounded by hippos and had to feed them sunflower seeds to keep them from trying to sit in the boat.  One of the hippos is hollow and kids LOVE climbing through his mouth and into his belly.  But be warned, fishing out your stubborn toddler from a hippo's stomach when it's time to go home can be rather difficult. The nearby reservoir is another fun location to check out.  Ducks swim in the water and lots of wild flowers grow around the path.  Ditch the stroller though because they are not allowed around the reservoir.
 I love this park....but please Central Park, put trashcans in the playgrounds! Especially near the picnic tables!

(Out of 5)




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