Sunday, July 10, 2011

River Run Playground (Riverside Park)

93rd and Riverside (down the hill)
For the kids: 
-Lots of swings, baby swings, and 1 handicap swing
-River through the middle
-shower sprinkler at the top of the river
-1 large playground
-3 slides
-awesome sandbox (but the ledges are too tall)
-1 baby playground (with a mini slide)
-3 see-saw
-working water fountain

For me:
-semi-blindspot behind the swings. (Also the shadiest part)
-very little shade
-bathrooms inside the park
-1 entrance
-1 picnic table
-plenty of benches'

See-saws!  Wow!  What a rare playground find!  Not all kids like the bump-and-push of the see-saw, but the ones who do are hooked.  The girls and I go to River Run mostly because of the see-saw. River Run is part of the elongated Riverside Park.  Since the Upper West Side is our homebase, River Run one of our "regulars."  The river running through the middle provides hours of fun, even if it only means your baby is occupied with the constant flow of water.  The main playground is big and full of nooks.  I've seen many kids sit below the playground and sort through each others toys or compare trading cards.  Although I love what the park offers, there is not nearly enough shade where you need it.  The picnic table is shaded and a good place to settle down for some packed lunch.  If you want, there is always a hot dog/ice cream vendor outside the park gates, but in my experience the ice cream always has freezer burn.  You're better off walking 10 minutes to Broadway and finding an icey lady or a Mr. Softees on the corner.  The sandbox is really well done, but the ledges are too high to sit on and help with a sandcastle so be prepared to sit in the sand and get dirty. The park is clean, the toilets are not so clean.  Also, the toilets don't have lid/covers which can be very difficult for an unsupervised child.  But you should know (as I'm sure you do)--any bathroom is better than no bathroom.

(Out of 5)




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