Monday, July 18, 2011

Marcus Garvey Playground (3)

124th st between Mt. Morris Park West and 5th Ave

Located a stones throw away from the public pool, this playground is another one we visit if we are early for Annie's swim lessons.  Only twenty-or-so feet from the other playground, this park stands out because of the fish-shaped sprinkler (the only painted sprinkler I've seen so far).  Annie loves this park because it is designed for "little kids."  She can easily swing from the bars and climb the outer ledges of the jungle gym without becoming scared.  Lexi gets a little bored when we come to this playground, especially if we come right from the one with monkey bars.  Like I said about the other Marcus Garvey playgrounds, my biggest problem is the sketchy people outside the fences.  They have never bothered us and the police presence makes us feel safe, but I still must give this playground a lower grade because of the uneasy feeling.  Also, the jungle gym is chipped and there is a good amount of litter on the ground.

• No Blindspots

• Sketchy people around the park • Litter

What It's Got
Jungle Gym • 2 Slides • Hard-Rubber Floors • Water Fountain • Fish-Shaped Sprinkler • Fire Pole • Baby Swings (2 larger ones) • Trashcans

What Parents/Nannies Need to Know
• Not Enough Benches • Not Enough Shade • No Blindspots • 1 Entrance

What's Around
Public Pool (with restrooms) • Red Rooster

Ratings (Out of 5)




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  1. They have never bothered us and the police presence makes us feel safe.