Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wild West Playground (Central Park)

93rd and Central Park West

For the kids:
-2 tire swings (one is really low)
- 3 slides (one down the fort!)
-pyramid steps (a little scary for babies)
-balance beams
-baby swings, big swings (4 each)
- river
-shower sprinkle
-monkey bars
-sand bottom surrounded by wood
-mini picnic table

For me:
-plenty of shade
-plenty of seats
-lots of blindspots
-closest bathrooms is the tennis courts, a 5 minute walk west.  You can just about see the concrete building from the park entrance.
-no trashcans
-one entrance
-working water fountain
-Whole foods is on 97th and Amsterdam (10-12 minute walk)

I really like this park.  The "Wild West" theme really brings out a lot of fun games.  Instead of playing the usual  "Ice Cream Store" the girls and I played "General Store."  We collected different things to trade (Lexi found the highest priced item--an unbroken water balloon) and took turns working for the store. The river running through the park is another great feature.  Annie and I took turns putting a leaf in beginning of the stream while the other person caught it downstream.  The wooden fence around the playground can be a lot of fun to walk across, but it also provides a lot of headaches with it's countless blindspots and easy-to-trip-over height.  The trees provide ample shading and did I mention you're in Central Park?!  Now if only they'd put trashcans inside the playground.


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