Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Penny Park

 River Terrace between Warren and Chambers (Behind Stuyvesant Highschool)

If you're familiar with Tom Otterness and his lovable, cartoonish sculptures than you know that a park featuring his art will have it's own magical feel.  Penny Park is hidden behing Stuyvesant Highschool, in the Northern tip of Battery Park.  Although I love the playground's relaxing and quiet vibe, I can't forget I have an almost-seven-year-old who loves to swing and climb on the monkey bars.  That being said, this park, though beautiful, is for the younger crowd.  The littler ones love climbing the statues and following the path of pennies.  And funny enough, I couldn't get Annie away from the water fountain.  She loved the statue-stepping-stool that makes drinking water an independent task for a four year-old.

• Kid-Friendly Water Fountain • Awesome Tom Otterness Statues • Close By Field

Not a lot for big kids

What It's Got
• Penny-themed Sculptures • Moat • Chess Tables • Trashcans • Kid-Friendly Water Fountain • Pavement

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
• All Shade • Plenty of Benches/Ledges

What's Nearby
• Battery City Park • Public Restrooms in the Southern building between Warren and Murray

Ratings: (Out of 5)


"There's not a lot of excitement" 

"I can reach the water fountain!"

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