Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tots Playground

This is one of those parks the girls and I came to because it was "on our list."  Located directly to the East of Adventure, this playground is easily overlooked and for good reasons.  Faded, chipped, and small, Tots is pretty much only good for escaping the crowds of other playgrounds.  The best part about the playground is the mini benches and the rolling-bar slide (both pictured above).  Annie and Lexi enjoyed their snack on the pint-sized seats before testing out the unique slide.  But beware, rolling slides can pinch!

• Rolling-Bar Slide


What It's Got
• 4 Slides • Sandbox • Bridge • 2 Small Jungle Gyms • Kid-Sized Fountain • No Trashcans • Hard Rubber Ground • 6 Baby Swings

What Parents/Nannies Should Know
 One Entrance • All Shaded • Benches All Around • No Blindspots • Bridge is lower than it should be • Closest bathroom at the old Tavern on the Green

Adventure Playground • Tavern on the Green

Ratings  (Out of 5)


"Babies can slip right under the bridge, and you know babies, they love mischief."

Annie:  X 18
"Those mover things [rollings-bars] are funny!'


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  1. There are bathrooms at Mineral Springs (Le Pain Quotidien) less than 5 minutes walk in the park at 69th (east across the biking/running/horse carriage "street").
    My grandson LOVED the swings & slides before he was a walker. He still likes the slides & the jungle gym now that he's two, but he'll probably prefer the larger playgrounds soon.